At Byrchall, we have a very clear vision for the future of our school.
Byrchall High School is a modern, forward looking school, rich in traditional values. Ours is a school where high standards of attainment and behaviour are expected from every student; each individual matters and everyone has something special to contribute.

We have excellent academic results and strive to ensure that all children reach their potential. We encourage every student to achieve high standards and to develop an enthusiastic, problem-solving approach to their work so that they feel confident with their academic and social skills, inside and outside school.

The Award submission video

Notes about this video

The school utilises a broad range of technologies to help engage students, motivate them and ultimately make them better learners.

Look at he different subject examples and reflect on how the uses of technology impact on students’ attitudes to learning as well as on their levels of attainment.
Look at the range of life skills that are developed through games-based activities.