Link to renewal video (2016) and original commentary (Naace members only)

This is a larger than an average-sized primary school. Almost all pupils come from white British backgrounds and those from minority ethnic heritage represent a very small part of the school population. The number of pupils known to be eligible for free school meals is above the national average. The proportion of pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities is below average, although more have a statement of special educational needs than average. In 2009, the local authority located provision for pupils with emotional and behavioural difficulties within the school. The school also has a small number of children who are looked after by the local authority. A new deputy headteacher and two teachers were appointed in September 2010. A children’s centre is situated within the school grounds. This provision is subject to a separate inspection and a report about its quality can be found on the Ofsted website.

The original award submission video

The video submission for parents and the commentary from the head teacher illustrate that these children are empowered learners and a key component of their empowerment is their high level of ICT capability.

Throughout the presentations pupils show that they:

  • plan, implement and evaluate a range of possible approaches to achieve a specific outcome for a range of audiences – demonstrating, for example, in making their film, their understanding about sound quality, how to interview people, camera angles and use of tripods;
  • can make informed choices about ICT tools based on their knowledge and understanding of the functionality of the software/devices/etc and the needs of the audience;
  • have considerable skills, including ICT skills, which they happily share in collaborative situations;
  • persevere to achieve their planned outcomes;
  • are creative in their approaches;
  • collaborate well and support each other;
  • are motivated and engaged;
  • can work independently;
  • are confident and willing to take risks in unfamiliar situations – they will ‘have a go’.

This has been achieved in a culture where pupils have access to a wide range of resources, including ICT resources, which they are taught to use; where they are encouraged to make choices about how to achieve the learning objectives. Children are encouraged to be leaders of learning and staff are confident to learn from, and with, the children. Everyone in the school sees ICT tools as tools for learning. The creative use and deployment of resources, such as individual digital cameras in Key Stage 1, has been extremely effective in engaging parents in the learning journeys of their children.

In her commentary, the Head Teacher reminds us that the skills needed today and tomorrow are constantly changing and those who succeed are the ones who are confident to ‘have a go’. She believes that those children will be Castledyke children!