Cogan Nursery School serves a wide area on the outskirts of Penarth in the Vale of Glamorgan and feeds a number of primary schools. It caters for up to 100 children aged 3-4 years of age. Children attend nursery, on a part-time basis, from the term after their third birthday.  We are fully committed to providing the best possible inclusive education for the children in our care by embracing the holistic philosophy of the Foundation Phase and endeavour to create a stimulating learning environment where children want to learn and are able to ‘Play to Learn and Learn to Play.’

The Award submission video

Notes on the video from the learning guides

  • The dual theme of ‘play to learn and ‘learn to play’ is powerful and exemplified throughout
  • Use of a variety of applications to engage learners, augment reality and support the indoor/outdoor curriculum (e.g QR codes)
  • Vivid example of parental engagement with the testimony of the mum who saw her son “write his name the right way round for the first time on Tenby beach”
  • Highly inclusive
  • Strong sense of the whole team all signed up to the philosophy of learning

The parent video for the school is well edited and informative. It combines the visual and audio well to give an overall picture of what is being done at the nursery. Throughout the video, you get a sense that technology is not there for the sake of it but it has been introduced to specifically match learning needs in a variety of areas. Storyfones for listening, fine and gross motor skills being developed through programmable toys and large touch screen displays, collaborative learning via the iPads and all the other devices they use to support and enhance specific aspects of the Foundation Stage. They have also expanded their horizons beyond the walls of the setting to include parents and the wider (much wider) community through blogging and Quadblogging.

Their early year’s motto of ‘Learn to Play, Play to Learn’ is embodied in their video. You can see they have thought, as a setting, how they can really develop children’s learning through technology use and they have succeeded in achieving their goals. You can also get from the videos that they are not complacent and are ready to adapt to new technologies as they occur.