Get a quick overview of how schools that have won the Award are demonstrating their 3rd millennium learning.

These compilation videos contain short clips from the parent videos of schools that gained the Award in the two pilot phases and most recently at Bett 2013. They tell stories of the different ways 3rd millennium learning happens in different schools and at different ages.

The Bett video (January 2013) shows the trends we are noticing in how schools are implementing 3rd millennium learning, gives examples of the ways schools are describing in their commentaries how they went about making changes, and ends with descriptions from schools on what they see as 3rd millennium learning and why it is vital to change teaching and learning in this way.


The 3rd Millennium Learning Award January 2013 compilation video:


The 3rd Millennium Learning Award first stage pilot compilation video:

The 3rd Millennium Learning Award second stage pilot compilation video:

The publicly available video submissions have been created for an audience of parents and the school’s community, and should be viewed in that light. To gain the Award, the schools have supported their parent videos with educational commentaries; these are available to members on the Naace website. The “points to note when watching the parent video” (where provided) have been contributed by Award Steering Group members, to help you notice things that have been taken into account in making the Award.

A key aspect of the Award is to make visible how schools are implementing 3rd Millennium Learning and to develop and extend understanding of what should be encompassed by this term. Our current working definition is through a number of ‘Dimensions’ of change in the nature of learning that we expect to see – and which these schools exemplify well.