Croeserw Primary School is situated at the top of the Afan Valley just on the border of Neath Port Talbot and Bridgend. In the Welsh Index of Deprivation 2011, Croeserw is ranked as being the 25th most deprived out of 1896 Lower Super Output Areas in Wales.

  • In Education it is in 34th position.
  • Health is 11th.
  • Employment is 10th
  • Income is 48th.

In Neath Port Talbot, Croeserw is ranked as the most deprived LSOA out of 91 in the Authority. It is the lowest ranking in terms of income, employment, health and education.

All of these figures make quite gloomy reading but there is one aspect that puts Croeserw above almost all other areas in Wales and that is the Physical Environment. Croeserw is ranked as being in position 1869 out 1896 LSOAs. Yes, we have beautiful mountain views from our school and our children have the privilege of growing up in a very rural environment.

In 2008 our school was inspected by Estyn. Inspectors found shortcomings in ICT. In particular, they said that:

  • Pupils lacked familiarity with the computer keyboard because they had had insufficient practice with it.
  • Pupils had relatively little experience of researching using resources of the internet to enrich their learning.
  • Pupils were not using information or communication technology enough across all other areas of the curriculum.

This was the start of our journey.

The Award submission video

Notes on video

The pupils take you on a tour of the school showing how children use technology to improve their literacy skills. It demonstrates a wide range of resources being used in different activities.

  • Using iPads – These are being used by pupils in the foundation phase to encourage independent learning. Pupils record performances and share these with the school community.
  • Pupils with Additional Learning Needs use technology to develop skills such as independence, sharing and helping their peers to learn.
  • The video spans a breadth of literacy, numeracy and Special Needs
  • There is a broad range of technologies shown to support the above
  • A well articulated recognition of meeting the needs and engagement of boys