Denbigh is a thriving and happy learning community where expectations and standards are very high.

Driven by our core value statement, ‘high achievement for all is our shared responsibility’, we are completely committed to inspiring and supporting our students so that they seek excellence in all aspects of school life – regardless of their ability or background.

Technology for learning is embedded across all areas of the school and carefully considered purchases of hardware and software support its effective use by both students and staff. The ability for pupils to personalise their own learning with “anytime anywhere” access is actively encouraged. Both pupils and teachers have received national and international recognition for their innovative use of technology to support learning – please see the end of the commentary film for a list of achievements.

Link to the commentary video (Naace members only)

Comments from the judges (video below)

“I really enjoyed the total commitment of all staff to the use of technology to truly improve students’ learning and not just increase engagement. I sense a real feeling of excitement, engagement and passion from everyone involved and seeing the opportunities and successes that pupils have experienced, I think this school is demonstrating every dimension of 3rd millennium learning.”

Judge 1

Strategic technologies:

  • Blue Sky performance system allows school’s improvement priorities to be linked to all school activities
  • SIMS supports holistic pupil feedback
  • CPOMS central management system combining online safety and child protection

Curricular technologies and opportunities:

  • GCSEPod GCSEPod ‘anywhere, anytime’ learning from good quality GCSE revision materials
  • Interactive Whiteboards, mobile devices, videos allow recording, playing and live editing of children’s work with peer and self evaluation
  • Show My Homework supports flipped learning, enabling pupils and their parents to manage homework
  • Events and awards help develop oracy and numeracy – e.g., Apps for Good and Make It Digital, a robot-building after school club
  • Digital leaders develop higher thinking skills by helping both fellow pupils and teachers,

Judge 2

In the promotional video the Head Teacher very effectively sets the context for their use of technology being the focus for a strategic and embedded approach and this is illustrated beautifully by their use of the word TECHNOLOGY as a mnemonic.

Technologies are used as management tools to:

  • incorporate their own KPIs in some personalised way into every aspect of the curriculum and school life
  • develop the learning environment
  • give students a wide range of opportunities and challenges to be creative
  • encourage students to lead their own learning
  • collect and share data on all aspects of school life of every student, where appropriate, with staff and parents to ensure students achieve their potential .