Ecton Brook is much larger than the average primary school. The proportion of pupils known to be eligible for free school meals is significantly above average. The percentage of pupils from minority ethnic backgrounds is slightly below average, but a slightly above average proportion speak English as an additional language. The overall proportion of pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities is above average, although the proportion with a statement of special educational needs is below average. A high number of pupils either leave or join the school part way through their primary school education. Early Years Foundation Stage provision is made in a Reception class. There is a pre-school nursery on site, which is managed by a private provider. The children’s centre is managed by the school leadership team and the governing body. These provisions are inspected and reported upon separately.

The school merged with Bellinge Primary School, which was in special measures and closed in December 2010. Since January 2010 pupils have continued to be taught separately on both sites, under one executive headteacher who spends half of the week at each school. She has restructured the leadership team so that there are two deputy headteachers on the Ecton Brook site and one deputy on the Bellinge site.


The Award submission video



  • Making learning fun and use of games-based learning;
  • Pupils fully responsible for their use of technology;
  • Collaborative learning;
  • Bringing together work at home and at school through use of their online platform;
  • Independent learning prompted through technology;
  • Use of audience to stimulate good work, through presentations and blogs;
  • More efficient staff working across the two sites through video meetings;
  • Use of social networking and blogging to engage parents.