Further information for participating schools is provided in the Naace 3rd Millennium Learning Award Community. This Naace Community is available to all participating schools and allows the submission video links to be uploaded for other schools and learning guides to view and comment. Please also see the detailed guidance document at the bottom of this page.

What is required?

The submission for the Award requires just two things:

  1. a promotional video (max five minutes playing time) which captures the essence of how the school has adopted new approaches to learning and showcases them to the schools’ parents and whole community.
  2. a commentary on this promotional video, for an educational audience, explaining how the new approaches to learning have been achieved and how they are producing improvements to learning and higher achievement. This commentary can be in any form but we prefer video as it is such a powerful medium to communicate, particularly to others who know little or nothing about your school. It must be possible to review the whole commentary in a maximum of ten minutes.


These videos need to be primarily about learning. We expect to be able to see the importance of technology in the learning and teaching process but merely showing the school’s use of technology, with little mention of the impact learning, will not be sufficient to gain the Award.

The Award videos do not require ‘high video production values’. You may decide to make your parent video to a professional presentational quality level, but you need not if you prefer not to. For the commentary the content is very much more important than presentational quality, provided of course that the video can be easily viewed and the sound is clear.

Videos are usually uploaded to YouTube (permissions set to ‘unlisted’) and a link is posted in the Naace Community so that the Guides and other participating schools can view and comment on them.


Third Millennium Learning Award – Guidance for Schools

Guide to Putting up Submissions

Third Millennium Learning Award Video Consent Form