Gearies is a larger than average sized school. The overwhelming majority of the pupils are of minority ethnic background and three quarters of learners are new to English or bilingual. There is a steady increase of eastern European families and refugees. The take up of free school meals is lower than the national average, as is the number of pupils who have identified special needs.

The Award submission video

  • Use of technology to motivate learning such as literacy skills;
  • Learning about the world around them through full use of the community and what it offers;
  • Learning outside the classroom with strong use of technology;
  • A curriculum made much more relevant by links to the pupils’ ethnic backgrounds;
  • Supporting families with technology to aid engagement of parents in their children’s learning;
  • Emphasis on learning through playing that extends into their homes, with parents made aware of how their playing is helping their learning;

Strong awareness of how technology makes learning and school processes more efficient and effective.