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George Spencer is the place to be as a centre of research and innovation in effective learning. We enjoy learning together – not only in what we learn but also through new methodologies of learning, so that others can benefit from our experiences.

We are proud of our academic track record and achievements across a broad spectrum of activities – personal and social, sporting, artistic, musical and cultural.

George Spencer offers a first class service for its students. Our students come first. We recognise their different needs and work hard with them to develop talents and potential in a spirit of mutual respect. We value the unique contribution of each student to our learning community.

Highly qualified teachers and support staff provide an excellent, caring environment in which students can learn and flourish safely. Our aspirations, expectations and commitment are exceptionally high for all members of the school community.

The Award submission video

Notes on video

What is now presented to us, including the compelling comments from Ofsted which have been added to the video, demonstrates much more clearly that this school has adopted a 21st Century paradigm for learning which many schools would probably consider as too radical and/or threatening.  It is very evident that pupils are actively encouraged to take ownership of, and responsibility for, their own learning in a technology-rich learning environment where they are valued, respected and believed in.  For example, the autonomy and status awarded to the ‘digital leaders’ who also “Consult with departments, deliver training and workshops for staff” and “Carry out research in areas such as trialling different tablets and potential software tools”.  It is also evident that the school fearlessly embraces just about everything that technology can offer to support not only the learning, but also the pupils’ capacity to lead this learning.  This includes student’s being allowed and encouraged to use their own mobile devices in school.  All of this suggests that although the locus of control and trust in teacher-pupil interactions and relationships may be untypical of most other schools, the nature and quality of teacher-pupil relationships is highly effective in facilitating learning.

The school’s use of technology is far reaching and impressive (Twitter, QR Codes, Moodle, Augmented Reality, GEO Caching, Skype, StudyBlue, ClassDojo to name but a few). Pupils talk of the technology as an ever present facility that supports them and doesn’t phase them. They often lead the learning and the reflection upon that learning.