Gowerton Comprehensive School is an English-medium 11-18 mixed comprehensive school of 1212 students and pupils, including 158 in the sixth form compared with 1326 pupils and students when the school was last inspected. Just over 12% of pupils are eligible for free school meals (FSM) compared with the Welsh average of about 15% for secondary schools. Very few pupils come from Welsh-speaking homes.  A very small percentage of learners currently learn English as an additional language.

The school’s intake represents the full range of ability.  Just under 6% of pupils have statements of special educational needs (SEN).  This figure is slightly below the average for Wales as a whole.

The Award submission video (see points to note below)

  • The school has developed its own “Learning Platform based on Moodle and Google Apps to empower learners;
  • Through the platform pupils have access to relevant and engaging resources which has increased motivation and allowed them to take responsibility for and manage their own learning both inside and outside school;
  • Teachers are able to use a diverse range of multimedia resources to support learning.
  • Online marking makes results instantly available for students.
  • Example use of collaboration using Google documents. Community engagement through video channels and blogging.
  • Via the platform parents are able to review and support their children’s learning.
  • Pupils can use their personal mobile devices to access the platform wirelessly.

Dedicated Google video channel allows teachers to share a variety of video resources with pupils. Use of visualisers to record demonstrations is an example of the potential of this resources.