The Third Millennium Learning Award judging tool

The judging tool is used to judge the parent video submitted by schools. Once it has been completed it will then indicate what should be looked for in the commentary video, both with regard to things seen in the parent video that need to be supported in the commentary and to identify gaps that the commentary will hopefully expand on.

For deeper explanation of the title of each box see the schools’ guidance notes.

The completed tool is evidence that the school deserves the Award

Once completed, scan or take a picture of the completed tool. This should be submitted with the review of the school’s submission. In the event that there are any queries about the Award, particularly if the Award is not made, the completed tool will be shared with the school to help them understand the deficiencies in their submission.

Identifying sections of the parent video to be analysed

While watching the parent video through for the first time, note the sections of the video that show 3rd millennium learning. On second watching this identification of sections can be refined. Then put these sections into the rectangles at the bottom in sequence. If there are more than 14 ignore the weakest.

Analysing what the pupils are shown to be doing

Link the dots on the rectangles to the green ellipses to indicate what each section shows. This can be done freehand but please be as neat as possible. Using pencil will help.

Analysing how well the dimensions of third millennium learning are addressed

What the pupils are shown to be doing is by far the most important evidence to justify the Award; it is possible for the school and teachers to be doing things addressing the dimensions but without satisfactory impact on the pupils. However there may be sections of the video with teachers talking that are better linked to the dimensions – the red rectangles for things the school is doing and the blue hexagons for attitudes being engendered amongst the pupils.

Checking the ‘limiting factors’ are all shown

The red circles are the six ‘limiting factors’ that must ALL be being addressed by the school to some extent. The parent video must contain the ‘hooks’ to stimulate deeper questions about how well these factors are being addressed and you may wish to check these boxes after watching the commentary.

The Tool

See below for pdf and ppt versions of the tool and some worked examples from the pilot schools completed at the last Guides workshop event.

3rd MLA judging tool (pdf)

3rd MLA judging tool (ppt)

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Third Millennium Learning Award Guides Handbook