What is a Third Millennium Learning Award guide?

The guides have a key role in the Award scheme. Each registered school is allocated a guide who will liaise with schools about the deadline for submission and the subsequent Award event.

Guides will view the school video submissions and identify how they demonstrate third millennium learning. If schools need to develop their submission or their practice the guide will identify what needs to be done.

How are guides recruited?

Guides will need a background in education and will have been involved in work either within a school or supporting schools to develop 3rd millennium learning. Prospective guides will need to attend an eligible meeting and provide a number of reports on the school video submissions. If you are interested in becoming a 3rd Millennium Learning guide please email 3mla@naace.co.uk.

Can guides provide support for our submission?

Yes. If one of the guides who have been allocated to your school provide support, a different guide will be allocated for the judging process. Or any of the other guides may support you. If you engage the services of a guide to support you this will be a private arrangement between the school and the guide.

Who are the guides?

The following have met the requirements to work as Guides:

Allison Allen
Richard Allen
Joe Basketts
Phil Blackburn
Roger Broadie
Dan Bunker
Jane Cooper
Penny Earl
Chris Enright
Julie Frankland
Gale Freshwater
Jan Harrison
Diane Moore
Tim Scratcherd
Simon Shaw
Kate Travis

Information for 3rd MLA guides can be found here.