We constantly seek to answer these questions in our work together:

1. Do we really believe we are maximising the achievement of every child?

2. Do we think that Highfurlong is doing as well as it could?

3. Does the school have an infinite capacity for improvement?

4. Can the improvement we have seen in school standards over the past decade be extended and enhanced?

5. Can we carry on doing what we have been doing and still manage to meet the needs of those young people who are achieving the least within the current system?

6. Where can we see future practice in the present – what are people doing together to change practice?

Our community initiatives make a number of critical contributions to the school’s improvement. This works best where the school and the community are working together in a constantly improving relationship and context.

The Award submission video

Notes about this video

The personalised approach to developing communication through a variety of specialised access devices empowers students to:

  • Communicate with each other
  • Access learning
  • Make choices
  • Have greater independence
  • Participate in the usual activities of other teenagers
  • Achieve in ways that would be impossible without the technologies.