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Meandy Primary is situated in the Northville area of Cwmbran. It is on a large open site and occupies two buildings, which were originally the separate junior and infants’ schools, built approximately fifty years ago. The school draws the majority of its pupils from the immediate area, which is moderately economically disadvantaged. The school’s Foundation Phase Unit contains a special needsresource base (SNRB), which provides support for pupils in key stage 1 from the whole Torfaen area.

Points to note in the Award submission video

The parent video shows clearly how much the school is prepared to trust pupils to take responsibility for an important task. There have obviously been preparatory discussions with the pupils we see in the video but the way they clearly express themselves is not forced or unduly scripted, which suggest this level of confidence and ability to express themselves is a normal expectation in the school.
The parent video also shows a strong awareness of how to use film video and how to construct a video. The children presenting the video are natural and we see other examples, such as the green-screen work, that show the pupils are very comfortable using technology-enabled approaches in their learning that involve presenting to audiences and collaborative work.