Mount Pleasant Primary School is situated in a suburb of Newport City, in close proximity to the M4 motorway. The school has an excellent reputation built on the commitment of governors, staff and parents to the education and welfare of the children.The area surrounding the school is renowned for its history and ecology of which the school takes full advantage. This, along with many other opportunities, allow an enhancement and enrichment of the curriculum we provide.

Our pupils are our ambassadors. Their attitude to learning, their care for others and their environment, provides the very good standards the school is renowned for.

Points to note in the Award submission video


It is necessary to watch the parent video several times in order to see the full range and depth of what it includes. It does an excellent job of giving a quick vision of the natue of learning in the school, but when watched closely and you concentrate to catch all the captions and voice-over you see it contains a huge range of links to the important elements of 3rd millennium learning. The school has great strengths in their use of creativity in numerous ways  and the use of audiences to drive feedback and pupils’ reflection on their work.

  • The pupils are the school, and as such are ambassadors and influence their own personalised and enquiry- based learning and therefore teachers’ planning, through forums and blogs
  • There is a shared ownership and understanding of opportunities for assessment and tracking between staff, children and parents
  • Children speak confidently and eloquently about access to GoogleDrive, blogs and forums and expect to be involved in this process
  • Parents and families are given plentiful opportunities to share their children’s learning online and are given the confidence to comment and ask questions, via blogs and forums : there is a real sense of the ‘walls’ being taken down between school and home learning
  • Celebration of occasion and achievement is natural, frequent and part of the school’s ethos
  • The learning environment has become more interactive, collaborative, reflective, vibrant and fun!
  • Curriculum subject planning routinely uses a very wide range of appropriate technologies to engage and match learning needs
  • A comprehensive range of technologies plus a fit for purpose wireless network with a plethora of software, supports all of the above!