new inv

New Invention Junior School is a large suburban junior school in Willenhall, Walsall. With a name like New Invention most people expect a “new build school”, in fact the original school building (now part of the Infants) was built in 1908. New Invention gets its name from the area:
“This hamlet owes its strange name to a simple circumstance. The tenant of the first house erected there was annoyed by a smoky chimney, and he contrived an ingenious apparatus to remedy the evil. … he invited every visitor to see his ‘new invention’ as he called it. … it was applied to distinguish his house … and others … adopted it also.”

Over the last four years we have been concentrating on being more creative with our curriculum so that pupils are better prepared for the century ahead. This has been supported by being a Creative Partnerships Change School which really accelerated our progress to delivering a high quality, creative, future looking curriculum. The continued outstanding use of ICT has been central to this process from automated robots to video and everything else in-between.

The Award submission video

Notes on video

Key features:

  • Pupils in charge of their own learning as a theme for video
  • The Mantle of the Expert and ‘gardens r us’ as a business well linked to subjects
  • Pupil led group work using laptop as a tool
  • Wake and shake – then ‘on every whiteboard in the school’
  • Library and reciprocal reading – the world beyond earth, again pupils in charge
  • Outside – using hand held devices to tell a story – implied use of multimedia and publishing
  • Y6 – using an app to make a picture of a dragon talk for their dragon diaries.