Normanby Primary School is a large Primary School in the North East of England. We have talented pupils, a great staff and Governing Body who work well with parents and carers to achieve good outcomes for pupils. We are proud of all our pupils and their social, artistic, sporting and academic achievements.

The Award submission video

Updated Award submission video (adding further captions etc)

Notes on the video from the learning guides

I loved the creative ‘space theme’ of the parent video to represent 3rd Millennium learning; it was very entertaining.

The two videos demonstrate how a wide range of technologies are firmly embedded within the school to provide a breadth of creative and inspiring learning opportunities. It was good to see that the focus of the video was not on the technology itself but on the learning that takes place. Technologies could be seen to be used in a range of curriculum areas to provide a range of learning opportunities. These opportunities were often highly motivational, promoted independence and also encouraged the children to become creators of their own learning experiences. There was evidence to see technology being used to enhance learning at home and within the wider community, particularly within the commentary video.

The parent video clearly showcases how technology is used within the school to enhance teaching and learning but may have benefitted from a few captions or voice over explanations of how learning taking place using these technologies particularly within the global community. The target audience is for parents and sometimes clear explanations are necessary to develop clarity of the learning that is taking place.

Normanby Primary submitted a very interesting promotional video with a creative ‘space’ theme to start and finish. I found lots of examples of technology in use and the pupils are very engaged in the activities, but I did need to view the commentary video to understand the outcomes and how the children were achieving these. The commentary also filled in gaps such as the global citizenship aspect and some of the higher thinking skills. The promotional video would benefit from further captioning or interviews with the pupils.

I found that Normanby demonstrates 3rd Millennium outcomes, but there are some gaps and evidence in the promotional video is not always clear which means that parents or other viewers might have difficulty understanding. I think that the promotional video would be absolutely brilliant if had more, informative captions, interview with pupils or voice-over!

Technologies represented:

Video, audio, animation, IWB, i-Pads, audio, gaming, i-Tunes, i-Pods, floor robots, Socrative, Learning Platform, 3D simulation, Google maps, dance mat, Twitter, flipped classroom, e-Books, music composition

Learning Examples:

The school has evidence of most of the 3rd Millennium learning outcomes
Technology is used to develop higher thinking skills such as analysis and synthesis, and outcomes such as collaboration, reflection, communication, creativity and problem solving. Gaming is used positively.

The Learning Platform supports pupils and their parents, developing family learning and parental engagement, along with social media such as Twitter. The community of learning aspects are evidenced, with pupils publishing for a purpose, responding to audiences and feedback, awareness of good learning, peer assessment and tutoring.

Technology is used creatively and well to develop opportunities to reinforce learning. Pupils use a variety of visual and aural approaches and diverse resources. Data is well used including resources such as the Socrative app and pupils are beginning to develop their own personal learning networks.

Pupils know how to learn, they are self driven in learning and willing to take risks, choosing what to learn, how to learn and how to produce work that demonstrates the outcomes of their learning. Pupils are empowered, with evident confidence and self organisation. Pupil voice is celebrated.