Queensmead is an over-subscribed comprehensive school serving the local community of South Ruislip, with increasing numbers on roll from the neighbouring boroughs. The proportion of students with learning difficulties and/or disabilities is above average, the largest number being those with behavioural, social and emotional difficulties. It is designated as a specialist technology college and has been a hub school for an extended school partnership of eight primary and five secondary schools.

The Award submission video

Notes on video

The promotional video adopts a low key style to introduce a number of teachers and learning practice across the school. The video shows that a wide range of technology has been embedded and is being used to enhance 3rd Millennium Learning for pupils. Both the promotional video and the video of interviews video show that teachers, students and parents are aware of the role of technology in transforming how and where learning takes place. There are good descriptions of “flip learning”, the use of learning platforms and interactive technologies to empower learners and enable peer assessment. The school is a high achieving school in terms of student progress and is clear that teaching staff have been given the freedom to develop innovative approaches to move forward within the dimensions of 3rd Millennium Learning.