In order to renew your Award…

The main part of the renewal submission is a single eight to ten minute video; if you need a little longer then we would accept that. In this, members of your school community will talk about the impact of connected-world learning in your school. You will explain how the education your school offers surpasses good traditional teaching and learning.

We are also asking schools to participate in the Pupil Engagement Survey (PES) which will help schools to measure pupil engagement and the impact of differences between pupils, groups and schools. Teachers should register here for the PES and they can then set up classes to take the survey.

We have written a comprehensive guide to the renewal process that you can download below. You will need to be a Naace member in order to post your video submission links, and you will need to have booked for the award renewal here (£475).



Third Millennium Learning Award – Renewal Process