Romilly Community Primary School is a Vale of Glamorgan County school. The school serves the western end of the town of Barry and has done so for well over 100 years.

The school has a long tradition and distinguished history and enjoys a special place in the community. We strongly believe in continuing and building upon these foundations in partnership with the community.

Our 120 place Nursery caters for children from the age of 3yrs.

The main school has a standard entry number of 90 pupils per year group. This means that all year groups are made up of three mixed ability classes.

The school moto ‘Learning Together – Growing Together’ is central to our belief of offering the best possible experiences for the children in our care.

Our goal is to ensure that all children who spend time at the school get the very best learning opportunities.

The Award submission video

Notes on video from the learning guides

  • The wealth of opportunities to enhance work through the use of ICT
  • Pupils teaching and coaching each other
  • Many activities that were not possible before the ICT was available
  • How ICT is allowing the children to collaborate and learn together
  • The sense of innovation and excitement around learning – Especially in the ‘Lego Lounge’ and use of QR codes within displays
  • Many examples of the school investing in programs that support out of school learning
  • Use of Facetime and email to assist peer and teacher assessment
  • You have been and visited schools to see good practice and inform future strategy
  • What’s going on in classes is so widely shared on Twitter, including children’s work / sound files
  • Examples of how Assessment is enabled, supported and managed with ICT. For example the use of AppleTV, Facetime
  • Use of video to record aspects of PE and then pupils having time to reflect on performance
  • Pupil-created e-books as an outcome

Both of Romilly’s videos are well produced and show the school’s commitment to ICT in all forms. The commentary video explains very well, in more depth, how the school has thought about what it wanted to achieve with the children’s learning and the community development.

The school has thought long and hard about what it needed to do with technology and it appears from the videos that they are always exploring new avenues to extend what they are doing currently. The range of differing types of resources available has been well directed for maximum impact in the different areas of learning. For example, the iPads matched with Apple TV give the children the opportunity to peer assess work simply and easily and the Science Subject Leader has developed the use of Lego to ensure pupils are exploring ideas, problem solving and programming. They are working closely with other schools in the area on developing the use of Lego technology.

The range of technology is vitally important to the school as it allows the pupils to develop all sorts of skills and knowledge. From the Wii to developing Welsh oracy skills on the iPods, the school has looked at its learning priorities and matched the technology to them.

The school also monitors the impact of this investment and the Assessment leader states how the equipment is invaluable in peer and self-assessment. They also use a proprietary system called Incerts to track and monitor pupils.

Overall, the school uses technology extremely well to improve learning in all aspects of school life. I would have liked to see some aspects of wider community exploration and input from the Governors but the school is definitely showing many aspects of 3rd Millennium Learning.