Selworthy School is a co-ed special school for 85 4-19 year olds with a range of complex needs.

Selworthy School adapts and creates bespoke opportunities that meet the needs of every child and young person. This personalised approach is creative and forward-thinking using 21st century methodologies to promote the best positive learning.
The school fits the child and not the other way round.

The Award submission video

Notes on video

In this clip, the obviously high quality and sometimes very specific, tailored technology, seems to ‘disappear’, as the learning, through engagement and fun, by the children and students, is viewed.


  • Use of video in staff training
  • Promoting independence through the use of appropriate input devices such as IWB, touch screen, iPads and eye gaze
  • Using technology to give the children a voice (AAC)
  • Taking technology out into the community