This is a three-form entry junior school near Heathrow. Most of the pupils are of Asian heritage; over half are of Indian heritage and a quarter of Pakistani or other Asian heritages. Most pupils are either bilingual or learning to become bilingual. Around one in ten pupils is at early stage of learning English when they join the school. The percentage of pupils entitled to free school meals is a little below average. The percentage of pupils with learning difficulties and/or disabilities is above average. These mostly relate to difficulties learning to acquire basic skills.

The Award submission video

Notes on video

  • The level of reflection in which these primary-age learners engage is unusual and a particular strength of the school – this is clear through pupil commentary.
  • These self-directed learners are confident even in challenging situations. The video presents learners and learning first with teachers taking more of a facilitator role; technologies are visible and indeed attention is drawn to them from time to time – but importantly, they do not dominate the video and the ‘why’ is explained, rather than the ‘what’
  • The overt example of peer teaching centres around Prezi, but the practice is clearly systemic and illustrates the achievement of higher thinking skills
  • Parental engagement is a strong and sound model which includes examples of pupils teaching parents
  • Unusual use of blogging engages learners in a strong desire to improve; feedback is provided by peers as well as a global audience and includes an innovative project with bloggers mentored by graduate students. Learners develop high expectations and ambition.
  • Sensory stimulation is used for ‘The Big Write’ which the pupils clearly enjoy
  • Varied equipment is provided for anytime, anywhere learning and allows for flexibility and learner choice