St Gwladys Bargoed is a community first school with 317 pupils situated north of a former mining town that is still searching for a new identity. The school aims included a commitment to pupil curiosity, exploring ideas and making connections. We consider ICT to be central to realising the same and also to our belief that learning experiences must be matched to our many ways of knowing. Equipping our pupils with skills for changing technologies is part of this.

Our school mission statement is ‘The Child’s Imagination is Tomorrow’s Reality’ and we see ICT as enrichment of our core belief.

The Award submission video

Notes on video

The video shows pupils throughout the school using a wide range of ICT resources to support and enhance teaching and learning. Pupils demonstrate an understanding of why ICT is important in the 21st Century and that their use of ICT in school is preparing them for the future.

  • Using diverse resources – ICT resources and application are matched well to the learning and teaching activities, they appear to be integrated seamlessly in lessons.
  • Using iPads – These are being used by pupils in the foundation phase to encourage independent learning.
  • Pupils demonstrate engagement with parents and their wider community including accessing software at home, working with the university and software providers.

There are many examples of technology being used well to enhance creative opportunities for children in school e.g. news broadcasting, use of Ipads and bar code scanners, use of animation, school newspaper, twitter and purple mash

  • News Broadcasting – ICT is being used creatively to engage with an audience to develop the children’s voice.
  • Animation – creative use of ICT and example of pupils leading learning.
  • Use of Purple Mash projects both at home and school promoting parental engagement and self-directed learning.