St Peters Bratton is a primary school with 420 pupils situated on the northern fringe of Telford Shropshire. We see ICT as an important tool for learning and since we have provided individual netbooks for all our our key stage 2 children to use both at school and at home, it has become even more effective and immediate. At school ICT is accessible and used across the primary age range and across many subjects. Our challenge is to ensure that all teachers and learners make full use of innovative and effective approaches to teaching and learning.

The Award submission video

Notes on video

  • Empowered, e-safe learners. Organised the movie and gathered information independently. Used the online blog for self organisation, collaboration and exchange of information
  • Reception pupils used Bee-Bots to enhance mathematical understanding and problem solving as well as basic control and programming principles
  • Making independent choices (Talking stories). Using Painting/drawing software pupils tried out techniques, exploring design decisions as well as showing reflection and self assessment
  • Peer tutoring with the camera and effective pedagogy illustrating child led learning – sharing ideas and peer supported learning while producing and communicating images. Using multimedia to record, organise and represent ideas – reflection and motivation are apparent
  • Using maps to improve fieldwork with clear awareness of good learning in and outside school. E-mailing and Skype as global citizens, building up their PLN. Using online resources as well as online learning exchange (OLE)
  • Creative animation – story-telling for an audience. Music composition – for this audience
  • Netbooks support self directed learning outside of the classroom and at home. Sharing work with an audience supports peer and self evaluation (video conference). Use of iPads in PE supports peer and self analysis and evaluation of performance via feedback as well as how to improve
  • Microscopes and data loggers enable collection and analysis of information
  • Video editing supported collaborative poetry, with pupils exhibiting real confidence, risk taking and organisation. Real TV broadcasting further develops this
  • The school fosters links with parents through effective information sharing