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The school is much larger than most primary schools. Relatively few pupils are known to be eligible for free school meals. The proportion of pupils from minority ethnic backgrounds is above average, with the largest number being from Indian backgrounds. A small number are in the early stages of learning English as an additional language. The proportion of pupils identified as having special educational needs and/or disabilities is below average, although an average proportion of pupils have a statement of special educational needs.

The Award submission video (see points to note below)


  • The range of technology available and the range of use of the technology;
  • The concept of development of autonomy in technology usage;
  • The links between prior knowledge and usage at home with that of usage at school;
  • The ‘best fit’ for selecting appropriate technology leading to discriminatory use;
  • The obvious pupil ownership of learning and the support that technology gives to that learning;
  • Active development of teacher learning;
  • The comment from a parent about use of ICT in all areas of the curriculum showing it is embedded in the culture of the school;
  • The concept that technology can create a different type of learning space;
  • The transitional nature of the collective use of the VLE;
  • The forward looking concept of the ‘passport for learning’.