At Tranmere Park Primary School we create a happy and caring environment where all children are valued and encouraged to achieve their best. We believe early achievement in all subjects is important and levels of attainment throughout school are high. We also value the wider development of each child and place a strong emphasis on personal and social education, the arts and physical education. We aim to ensure that our children are well equipped socially and academically to transfer to High School with confidence.

We are an inclusive school and ensure that all children’s contributions and successes are valued and celebrated. We offer a wide range of extra curricular activities for children of all ages. The value of positive links between home and school is also important to us at Tranmere Park and we work closely with our parents to ensure maximum benefits for each child.

Children at Tranmere Park are taught in a well equipped, stimulating environment by a team of talented and dedicated staff. The school is fortunate to be situated in an attractive setting and enjoys an excellent local reputation.

We are proud of our school. We aim to ensure that each child enjoys a successful and rewarding primary school life.

The Commentary (2012) and renewal (2016) videos

The Award submission video (2012)

Notes on the video

The children show how ICT is used on a daily basis. Look for the different types of resources used and the areas of the curriculum that are supported. Consider the contribution the ICT makes to pupils’ learning and how it is used to engage parents.