trinityTrinity Fields School and Resource Centre is a purpose built school which opened in 1998 and which serves the County Borough of Caerphilly. We have 134 pupils on roll aged 3-19 all of whom have statements of SEN.

At Trinity Fields we aim to promote learning, self-esteem and confidence of all our pupils by providing rich learning opportunities for them to develop their skills and understanding, and creating an exciting school community which is child-centred, empowering and inclusive.

Points to note in the Award submission video


The video focuses on recent work undertaken using gesture based ICT resources. It demonstrates how pupils use it to suit their developmental needs e,g. for cause and effect, initiation and communication. Some examples of this are:

  • Using diverse resources – ICT resources and applications are matched well to the development of individual skills.
  • Appropriate curriculum and personalisation – The use of ICT allows the school to develop individuals in ways that may not otherwise be achieved.
  • How the school makes use of technologies to support and develop hard to reach groups of learners.

The Commentary video

Commentay videos can be linked from this page.

The Principal of the school demonstrates a clear vision for the role of ICT in the school. He demonstrates distributed leadership in the way staff take a lead on the introduction of new technologies.

One of the strong features that comes through in the video is staff professional development and the use of partner organisations to develop a strategy for the introduction of new resources. This is evident in the work they have done through the PLC (Professional Learning Community). Note: The Welsh Government promote PLCs as a way of having a very sharp focus on introducing something new with the results demonstrating impact on pupils. PLCs usually focus on Literacy and numeracy; this is a good example of one that focuses on the use of specific technology i.e. gestured based resources.

Different subject teachers describe how they use a range of technologies including i-pads to teach their subjects. Staff also describe how they use technology to enhance strategies such as AfL.