The school is of larger than average size and serves a residential area. Most pupils are of White British heritage. The proportion of pupils known to be eligible for free school meals is below average. The proportion with special educational needs and/or disabilities is average. In most cases these pupils have moderate learning or behavioural difficulties but a few have specific disabilities such as hearing impairment.

The school shares a large site with an infant school and a secondary school. While there is no other educational or childcare provision managed by the governing body, use of the playing fields and some other facilities on the site is shared by the three schools.

The Award submission video (points to note below)

  •  Involvement of parents in learning, and pupils working creatively, through the school radio station;
  • Teachers know that children are already ‘digital natives’;
  • Children taking ownership of the video, and how learning needs to change, as presenters;
  • Children aware of the world outside the classroom through internet based investigations and videoconferencing;
  • Learning in new and exciting ways through a wide variety of tools including games machines;
  • Learning outside the classroom;
  • Pupils doing homework anytime anywhere through the Life Learning Cloud;
  • The pervasive way that the 3rd Millennium Learning is empowered by the technology;
  • Pupils learning skills for life;
  • Pupils being aspirational.