Our school offers outstanding educational opportunities to the children and we are justly proud of the school and all that the children achieve in their time with us. Our mission statement is ‘Building global learners for the future –now!’ This reflects the value the school places on seizing success in all spheres for the children. We truly want all the children to become active global learners with a ‘can do’ attitude to all that is offered to them through our exciting, creative, broad and balanced curriculum. We are preparing the children to walk out into a world that we do not know ourselves-‘they will know more than we will ever learn’ ‘ to paraphrase Louis Armstrong !

We make sure the children have access to the very best opportunities to extend their learning; this includes ICT ‘every day in every way’ to see how much further the children have been able to extend their learning in exciting and innovative ways is so awe inspiring.

The Award submission video

Notes on this video

Look for the wide range of resources that can be seen throughout the new school building and how these young children are developing confidence and competence to use them with increasing independence.