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Ysgol Gynradd Dolau Primary School is a bi-lingual school and is situated on the outskirts of the village of Llanharan, in Rhondda Cynon Taf. There are currently 392 pupils on roll between the ages of three and 11 years. Of these pupils, 59 attend the nursery class. The majority of pupils come from homes in which the predominant language is English. The school provides education through the medium of English and Welsh. Although approximately 50% of the school’s pupils attend the Welsh stream, most of them are from non-Welsh-speaking homes. Approximately 1% of the school’s pupils come from an ethnic minority background. Pupils represent the full range of ability on entry to the school. Seventeen per cent of pupils are entitled to free school meals, which is lower than the national figure of around 25%. Approximately 19% of children are on the school’s additional learning needs register, with no pupils having a statement of educational needs.

The Award submission video

Notes on video

The iPad technology seems to have driven much of the very current usage of technology forward. The opening statement in the promotional video talked about ‘Transferable, Future-proof skills ‘. Time will tell if the skills acquired can be generalised and will have developed the confidence and competence in the staff and pupils to manage the exception changes that technology brings.

The school has a clear ethos of pupil autonomy and this shows, by implication, of the development of the ‘soft curriculum’ skills of motivation, enjoyment, self image development and personal confidence leading to competence.

  • The promotional clip has a great ‘wow’ factor from the moment go, with an opening statement about ‘future-proofing skills’, followed up with clear examples of problem solving and team work
  • Examples of Foundation stage children using technology illustrates strong EY practice
  • Specific example of older children creating E-books for younger children shows clear philosophy of team work and writing for a real audience (purpose)
  • Children are heavily involved in decision making, allowing learning and sharing across and beyond the school, which would make this appealing to prospective parents watching the ‘promo’
  • The 10 minute clip focuses on the ‘HOW’ which, again,  is entirely apposite for the audience
  • Clear examples given to show impact on assessment and engagement with parents; this will be very useful for other schools
  • The thinking aids strategies to aid meta-cognition are excellent
  • There is a clear message about the whole staff ‘sign up’ to engage in research and populate online resources
  • The example of the boy who talks about his ‘rubbish handwriting’ and the clarity with which he describes his access to learning provides a ‘gem witness’ statement