ysgolypresYsgol Y Preseli is a bilingual comprehensive 11-18 school in Crymych, Pembrokeshire, that teaches through the medium of Welsh. With approximately 1000 pupils on roll, our motto ‘Cofia Ddysgu Byw’ (Remember to Learn How to Live) summarises our aim of ensuring that all pupils are prepared for life after leaving school. We believe that we prepare pupils by developing their skills and values in preparation for life beyond the classroom, and in anticipation of facing the challenges of the 21st Century.

Today’s students will undoubtedly be using mobile devices in their future careers, so at Ysgol y Preseli we aim to teach them with the tools that they will be working with in the future. This provides opportunity for teaching respectful and appropriate use of mobile devices which they will be using as adults and future professionals. Teachers and technology are partners in fostering that creative, curious urge and aim to help harness students’ authentic motivation towards learning.

In the video you will see how Ysgol y Preseli is capitalising on all the opportunities offered by technology and the connected world, in order to have maximum impact on teaching and learning.

Points to note in the Award submission video

This is a comprehensive, well thought through and clearly illustrated submission in which students and staff members are enthusiastic exponents of technology supporting learning and citizenship in the globally connected Third Millennium.

•Key messages were delivered by both students and staff members using appropriate and engaging examples; I was struck by the phrases “Thirst for Learning” and “To share with the world”

•There was a clarity in the messages, quality of filming and scripting; as a piece of communication, this is excellent

•Key skills of collaboration and ownership of one’s own learning were richly illustrated

•Extending learning beyond the classroom, into pupils’ homes, and to the different countries, via the Skype opportunities with experts from other countries

•Clearly presented evidence of quantative and qualitative improvement and engagement in learning

•Real time assessment and self assessment was amply exemplified and I particularly admired the clarity of explanation about how this feeds into next steps in planning for individual learning

•As a parent viewing this clip I would be reassured that my child would be entering a school where vibrant and enthusiastic learning takes place, with an emphasis on the individual