Making IT Analogue Carol Porter (Technology Curriculum Support Centre Manager) and Tim Scratcherd (Director of the School House Partnership) This breakout is based on the Naace Professional Development Event (PDE) “From Fear to Fun: creative ways to tackle complex concepts in the computing curriculum”. Without the use of any technological equipment, participants learn fundamental principles of information technology, for example, how the internet works, how digital images are transmitted by email, and how databases process search queries. During this breakout participants will experience a selection of tried and tested activities that can be taken back to the classroom and used immediately. How to make IT better and why John Hurst, Headteacher of Lever House Primary School, Lancashire Why do schools exist? What is our core purpose? What is our vision? What prevents us from attaining our goals and vision? What can we do about this? How can IT help us achieve our goals? Focus on some examples of IT helping to achieve a vision - changing pedagogy; focus on skills through real projects; resilience and a growth mindset; collaboration and the tools to collaborate; the world as a classroom; involving the right people in the process of learning; having fun. Let’s get physical with the BBC micro: bit Yvonne Walker, CAS Hub Champion
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