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EdTech Review Framework

The NAACE EdTech Review Framework

The NAACE EdTech Review Framework (ERF) is a maturity model which helps schools to:

  • Understand where they are in their technology strategy

  • Plan the next stages of their technology strategy

  • Record their progress

The framework has been in existence for over twenty years and is regularly updated to reflect the changing scene of technology in schools. The most recent update was in 2021. The information is available in two formats linked below.

There is a small annual cost associated with the online ERF tool, as it offers the following additional benefits:

  • Access for three staff members

  • Capacity to store evidence and progress notes from each staff member

  • Guidance throughout the process to help users

  • Ability to apply for assessment towards the NaaceMark award once the ERF has been passed

To date, over 16,000 schools have taken advantage of the ERF online system.





For more information on the ERF, or general enquiries, please contact our team at