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NAACE Fellowship

NAACE Fellowship

For many years NAACE has acknowledged the contribution of its many members in different ways. In 2009 the NAACE Fellowship was launched. Sometimes this group of members was referred to as the College of Fellows. Each Fellow has given of their time to NAACE greatly over the years of their membership. Sometimes this has been a considerable amount of time over a short period due to the situation, for others it is a long term commitment.

The current members of the Fellowship are:

  • Steve Moss
  • Brett Lanoish
  • Julie Frankland
  • Gareth Davies
  • Bernadette Brooks
  • Roger Broadie
  • Phil Blackburn
  • Carol Porter
  • Steve Bacon
  • Allison Allen
  • Donna Vaughan
  • Anthony Hunt

New Fellows are appointed by the Board of Management (BoM) on the basis of their contribution to NAACE. The BoM consider the appointment of Fellows each year. There is no requirement to create any Fellows in a particular year and there is no maximum number of Fellows that can be created in any given year. The appointment of Fellows is announced at the Annual General Meeting.