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NaaceMark Assessors are appointed by the NAACE Board of Management and are:

  1. Experienced members of the NAACE community
  2. Have a detailed understanding of the NAACE EdTech Review Framework (ERF) and have experienced its use in a number of schools settings and situations
  3. Have experience of working in a number schools in different roles often:
    • As teachers and
    • As external support providers

NAACEMark Assessors have:

  • Undertaken full training about the SRF and its use in different types of school
  • An agreed code of practice
  • Are quality assured for each assessment

Third Millennium Learning Award Guides

Third Millennium Learning Award (or 3MLA) Guides are appointed by the NAACE Board of Management and undertake the task of recommending to the NAACE Board of Management whether a school should receive the 3MLA when a school applies. This includes reviewing the videos sent by the school as part of their application for the award. The guides work in pairs so that there is agreement on the outcomes of the process which provides quality assurance for the award. In order to be able to do this the guides are:

  1. Experienced members of the NAACE Community
  2. Have visited many schools and are able to see the difference the use of educational technology makes in many different settings with different groups of students.
  3. Able to appreciate the difference technology make to students from a variety of backgrounds using different approaches