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Meet Our Partners

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BETT 2024

Bett UK is a truly global meeting place for the EdTech community. Join 30,000+ educators and changemakers for three inspiring days of cutting-edge EdTech content, networking and product discovery! 

We’re delighted to work with Bett as our official Exhibition Partner for our ‘EdTech: Where are we now?’ research project.

Visit Bett to see our launch showcase event, as well as joining their large community of education professionals at the world’s leading EdTech exhibition.

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Derventio Education Limited

We are a team of specialists in software development for education, delivering products that make a real difference, positively impact teaching and learning and empower staff. Our in-house development team work with teachers, lecturers and educationalists to develop software solutions and services that pro-actively support improvement within education and ultimately better outcomes for students.

We rigorously plan, design and test all of our solutions to ensure they are both intuitive and effective, benefiting all educational stakeholders. We pride ourselves on creating 'future-proof' products, utilising cutting-edge technology that works for educational establishments both now and in the future.

ET Logo Trans
Elementary Technology

Elementary Technology helps schools use technology to deliver better education.

As a trusted advisor to hundreds of schools throughout the UK, they’ll help you plan, manage and upgrade your technology to improve teaching, learning, safeguarding and your school community.

Speak to Elementary Technology about their Classroom Healthcheck service - designed to ensure you make informed choices and align planning and procurement to the DfE EdTech Strategy.

A Platinum Partner to the big brands and a compliant public sector Framework Supplier, your service is always supported by consultancy, training, advice and ideas for your lifetime as a customer.

RiskIT Week

RiskIT was born out of necessity, the use of technology in the classroom has not always been effective.
Good use of IT I believe, always depends on the skills and the freedom given to teachers to be creative and imaginative. School do not need to spend money to achieve that.
Very few schools have the creative mind set is in the heart of the school ethos. RiskITWeek take up the challenge to the leadership team and pave the path to an innovative curriculum, highly skilled teachers and motivated students.
Schools can ask for training and guidance on how to implement the strategy. There are many school in the UK and abroad using RiskITWeeek.
Make a change, take part in the strategy.

Abderrahmane Benjeddi is an IT Teacher with over 25 years experience

Satori Education

Satori Education is your strategic partner to help provide a vision for use of technology, to support leaders implement the changes, help teachers embed best practice, and for students to enrich their learning experience and learn essential contemporary skills.

With Satori, you’ll gain the specialist tools, training, and strategy expertise you need to transform your school’s approach to edtech.

We offer a range of consultancy and training packages including:

Edtech Catalyst: Optimise your school’s edtech through expert consultancy. Access specialist guidance, support, and resources and discover how you can bring your school’s edtech vision to life.

Edtech Leaders: Transforming digital leads into confident edtech specialists. A training and coaching programme to equip your school’s digital lead with tools, training, and specialist support you need to optimise your school’s edtech.


Transforming Digital Assessments with SMOWL Proctoring Software.

Do you want to avoid the challenges associated with online assessments? Look no further because Smowltech, a trusted European company backed by the EU, has the solution you've been waiting for. Since 2012, we have been on a mission to enhance the quality of online evaluations, and we're here to introduce you to our game-changing SMOWL Proctoring Software.

With SMOWL, you can bid farewell to the uncertainties of remote and digital assessments. Our innovative solution generates objective evidence, empowering you to make informed decisions when evaluating performance. Say goodbye to doubts and hello to accurate results.

Trusted by educational institutions and organizations worldwide, SMOWL is currently utilized in over 100 countries. Our state-of-the-art software provides a seamless proctoring experience, ensuring integrity and fairness in online exams. Whether you're an educator, a training professional, or an exam coordinator, SMOWL is designed to meet your needs.

At Smowltech, we take data privacy seriously. We strictly adhere to all regulations of the GDPR, giving you peace of mind when it comes to safeguarding sensitive information.

Ready to experience the future of secure online assessments? Contact us today to schedule a free, no-obligation demo and discover firsthand how SMOWL can transform your evaluation process. Don't settle for uncertainty; embrace the power of objective evidence with Smowltech.

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