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School Improvement

School Improvement

ISO 9001 - NAACE achieved in December 2021 certification to ISO 9001, the international standard for quality management systems, for the NAACEMARK awards process including self-review, award application, assessment, feedback report and award.

School Improvement and the effective use of Educational Technology is at the heart of what NAACE supports our membership with. We advocate for schools to take up the EdTech Review Framework (ERF) - maturity model which helps schools to:

  • Understand where they are in their technology strategy
  • Plan the next stages of their technology strategy
  • Record their progress

We also offer two forms of recognition for schools once they have worked through the ERF:

  • NAACEMark is an award available to schools that have achieved level 2 across all elements of the NAACE EdTech Review Framework (ERF). Schools will be notified of the opportunity to apply for the NAACEMark Award via the ERF Online system once they have reached the required level.
  • The Third Millennium Learning Award (3MLA) enables schools to demonstrate how they are providing an education fit for the 21st century. It celebrates schools' achievements in creating an environment and curriculum that stimulate learning experiences, making use of the opportunities presented by technology. The Third Millennium Learning Award is the natural next step for schools that have gained the NAACEMark award.

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